Inner Connections

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Today, in the Anthropocene age, most people understand that the earth is suffering. The symptoms of this are dramatic and are affecting millions of lives around the world.

What does this have to do with us? Humankind is not only a part of nature, it is akin to nature. Both live in rhythms and these rhythms are connected to each other. Rhythms are expressed in the flow of time, which itself is a hallmark of all living beings, whether nature and its seasonal cycles, or the rhythms living in the breathing of the human soul.

Thus our disharmony with the life of nature is ultimately a disharmony with the life of our soul. Exploring a deeper understanding of ourselves and our intrinsic relationship to nature with the support of meditative images related to a “calendar of the soul” is a both a useful, and unusual perspective.

In this conference, we want to explore the inner connections of this relationship through a variety of conversations, lectures, and exhibitions.

Its aim is to illuminate and reconfirm the harmony between humankind and nature that has to exist for both to prosper.

We look forward to welcoming you next April in Ytterjärna for several days of common learning, inspiration, and new connections!

The Conference Team

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