About the conference

‘Inner Connections:
Soul Breathing and Nature Breathing’

An international environment conference taking place in Ytterjärna – the biodynamic heart of Sweden

Exploring a new understanding of ourselves and nature in times of crisis, with exhibitions of meditative images

This gathering is a combination of conversations, lectures, and exhibitions. The lectures will shed light on the climate issue from different perspectives: scientific, evolutionary, spiritual, psychological, and artistic.

Our attitude towards nature is critically important, because we have acquired the power both to alter and destroy nature. Humankind is a part of nature and its war against nature is ultimately a war against humanity itself. Climate change, and extreme weather phenomena and a suffering natural world cry out for a new and deeper understanding of the inner connection between the rhythms of the human soul and those of the natural world. This event is intended to explore these aspects from a deeper viewpoint, the aim being to reconfirm the harmony between man and nature that has to exist for humankind to prosper.

During this conference that will take place between the 13th – 16th of April 2023, we will have several keynote speakers, they will be announced on the website as our schedule continues to develop. You can read more about the different speakers in the menu to the left.

There will also be several cultural events such as performances of classical music, dancing companies etc. as the conference will be held in one of Europe’s best acoustic music halls – Kulturhuset in Ytterjärna.
There will also be an art exhibition where we will show illustrations from Rudolf Steiner’s ”Calendar of the Soul” presented by the Karl König Institute as well as by Thor Ivar Olsen, read more about this further down on this page.

The Conference will be held in English. Translation into Swedish will be an option on site. If we get a lot of German attendants registered before april 1st we will also consider having German translators on site.


Richard Steel – The Calendar of the Soul – An inner path connecting to the being of the earth

Nora Bateson – Between Contexts: Unseen forces that create vitality (in living systems)

Dr Ursula Flatters – Environments for health

Dr Stefan Ruf – Climate Psychology – ways to an atmospheric consciousness

Dr Andreas Weber – On Aliveness and Inner Connections

Anders Wijkman – Earth4all

Pella Thiel – Hacking the machine legally: institutions for a dignified presence (in Earth)

Artur Granstedt – Agriculture to create a green future for people and planet

Sara Seing – Implementing Diet for a green planet in the public sector – the successtory of Södertälje municipality

Isabella Lövin – The Ocean Feeling

Kjetil Thorsen – The Value of Art and Aesthetics in Architeture

Evening Concerts

Drottningholms Baroque Ensemble – Vivaldi ’The Four Seasons’

Mats Zetterqvist, soloviolinist – Bach 

Isabella Lövin, former spokesperson for Miljöpartiet (the green party), member of the European Parliament, minister for development aid, minister for the environment and climate and deputy prime minister – ”The Ocean Feeling”

Piano trio – ”About time and water” with Mats Zetterqvist – violin, Jakob Koranyi – cello, Simon Crawford Phillips  – piano
Reading aloud from Andri Snaer Magnason’s latest book


Billy Mills – Open Space & Reflection

Hélène Bohman Blomqvist – Workshop with creative writing in the spirit of The Soul Calendar

Göran Gennvi – Reconnecting to nature is about restoring the source code for survival

Anne Grethe Kumlander – Eurythmics

Isa Tibbling – Storytelling

Martin Fellkvist – Headspace for place

Gardeners of the park – Walk and see in the park

Ulf Wagner – Through simple exercises we try to come inte the art of looking and experience colours

Kefas Berlin – The voice as bridge between self and nature

Philip Stoll – Ecology of consciousness: making climates – inner and outer relationships of resonance

Kristina Sahlberg – Acting on stage

The Calendar of the Soul

The ”Calendar of the Soul” are fifty-two meditative verses, one for each week of the year, written by Rudolf Steiner. They reflect the gradual changes of the soul during the year in relation to the seasonal rhythms in nature.

Becoming aware of the synchronicity in the rhythmic life of the human soul and the earth is a deepening step towards our heeling relationships with nature and the earth.

With inspiration from the “Calendar of the Soul, Dr. Karl König (1902 –1966) who was an Austrian physician who founded the Camphill Movement, an international movement of therapeutic, intentional communities inclusive of those with special needs or disabilities and based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner, and Thor Olsen (1950-2002) born in Norway, worked as a Waldorf teacher, art teacher and artist in Scandinavia, have each created fifty-two pictures related to each calendar verse. These drawings will be exhibited in original at this event with workshops and discussions.

The pictures in combination with the verses are intended to explore the inner connection between the rhythms of the human soul and the natural world. Read more about the Calendar of the Soul in the menu to the left

It will be a unique event filled with positivity as well as discussing serious subjects. We welcome you all to Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna 13-16 April 2023 and hope to see you there!

This event is a collaboration between Kulturhuset in Ytterjärna and the Karl König Institute. For more information, please contact: office@innerconnections.org