”The educational system and helping people is where I feel most at home”

Billy worked as a 1-1 mentor with young people who struggled in a normal educational setting. He has a unique perspective with this as he was expelled from normal school when he was younger and then turned his life around after years of turbulence in his youth. He stopped working in education when he wanted to travel more and expand his life and mind. After a couple years of traveling and working to save money, he has now committed himself to finding his own path in life and how he can use his passion for education and helping people. he has been doing this mainly by talks at the annual Talentino Careers conference. They have been based around his perspective and opinion on how we can make school better for the young people.

Billy is now a student of YIP (International Youth Initiative Program) in Ytterjärna. Since starting just a few months ago he has found a love for open spaces and the power it has on a emotional and spiritual level. Billy believes it’s a perfect setting for emotional development. He’s seen a shift in his mind and his ability to articulate the emotions that run through him because of this.

In YIP they are tasked to create and refine their own personal initiative. Billy has decided his will be around developing a better understanding and ability to hold and facilitate open spaces for teachers in main stream schools. He deem the mental health issues in schools to be a crisis that’s not given enough light so he wants to combat it with open space technology. Billy has held 3 open space sessions of his own and has also participated in a lot of different open space sessions since being in Ytterjärna, all in different sizes. Billy has laid out his plans for how his open space sessions will look in schools and have started to reach out to schools already to offer his services.

”I would love to hold a open space workshop at your conference. I believe if given this opportunity, it will help further my develop and give more clarity on how it will look like when i’m in schools. I want to help make positive change in this world and hope you give me this chance to help impact people.” Billy Mills

Billy will host this workshop during the following dates/times:

Friday April 14th
11:15 – 12:15

Saturday April 15
11:15 – 12:15