Dr. Ursula Flatters

Title: Environments for health

Ursula Flatters Leg. doctor, Specialist in General Medicine.

Ursula Flatters has for over 30 years experience with medical rehabilitation and rehabilitation of patients with cancer diagnoses at Vidarkliniken in Sweden. She has extensive experience in anthroposophically oriented medicine. Ursula has been active in primary care as well as inpatient care and has worked as a general practitioner at Vidar Vårdcentral.

Ursula is a physician at 2HEAL, a clinic for holistic health that is located in Stockholm, Järna, on the West Coast and in Skåne. Her activities in Järna take place at Vidarkliniken  in premises rented by Phoenix, a non-profit association, in collaboration with nurses and therapists there.

Ursula Flatters, Vidarkliniken is awarded the Humanism & Knowledge Diploma with the Universe Globe 2015 award

What time is Ursula speaking?

Ursula will besides her public talk also host a workshop with the same theme. The workshop will take place after her public talk. Ursula will talk/host her workshop during the following dates/times:

Public talk
Saturday April 15
09:30 – 10:00

Saturday April 15
15:45 – 17:30