Mats Zetterqvist, soloviolinist Followed by Isabella Lövin, former vice prime minister

Bach ’Ciaccona from Partita No. 2 in D minor’ – Evening concert on Friday April 14th

Mats Zetterqvist has been principal second violin of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe since 2009. He joined the COE as guest leader in 1994 with conductors such as Boulez, Pretres, Chung and Fischer.

In 2009 and 2010, he led the Orchestra for two projects with pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard to Tanglewood and New York’s Lincoln Center, USA, in performance of works by Bach, Mozart, Ligeti and Carter. Since he joined the COE, Mats has been much involved in chamber music concerts and particularly enjoys taking part in educational and outreach projects for children and music students as well as audiences unused to listening to classical music.

Zetterqvist has apart from playing soloist with all the leading orchestras of Sweden, as well as being the leader of the Stockholm Radio Symphony Orchestra from 1989 to 1994 (amongst other things) also appeared as a conductor in recent years with various chamber and symphony orchestras. In the new trio RoMA, together with pianist Roland Pöntinen and percussionist Anders Loguin, he performs music written for this ensemble by prominent contemporary composers. He is a Professor of Chamber Music at Edsberg High School of Music in Stockholm and a member of the Stockholm Royal Academy of Music. He plays a 1768 Guadagnini violin.

This evening he will be performing Bach’s Ciaccona from Partita No. 2 in D minor (approx. 17 minutes) solo, followed by Isabella Lövin. Zetterqvist will also be playing the violin on Saturdays evening concert About Time and Water

Mats Zetterqvist
Isabella Lövin

Friday Evening April 14th – Public talk with Isabella Lövin

Isabella Lövin is a former spokeswoman for the Green Party, member of the European Parliament, minister for aid, minister for the environment and climate and deputy prime minister.

She is a trained journalist and has worked for a number of magazines as well as at Sveriges Radio. For her debut book Silent Ocean (Tyst hav), she was awarded the Stora journalist prize (2007) in the category Storyteller of the Year and Golden Spade, as well as a number of other awards. The book was released in Japanese and English. For her efforts for the oceans, she has been named an honorary doctorate at the Swedish University of Agriculture and at the World Maritime University. She left politics in 2021 and is now board chairman of the Stockholm Environment Institute, co-chairman of Friends of Ocean Action with secretariat at the World Economic Forum, and since 2022 a columnist for Dagens Industri (one of Swedens biggest newspaper).

After the concert by Zetterqvist she will talk about her newly released book ”the ocean feeling” (Oceankänslan). After more than a decade at the highest political level, Isabella Lövin left her posts in February 2021. The Ocean feeling is her portrayal of the times in politics and the challenges we face.

Tickets to this evening concert & public talk will also be sold seperatly for those who cannot attend the conference in whole.

"There have been hard years in politics. Above all the years as a minister and spokesperson for the Green Party (Miljöpartiet). The chattering chorus of senselessness and self-interest has eaten away at me. And it has finally made me completely convinced that the best thing I can do with my time on earth right now is not to be a politician, but to tell.”
Isabella Lövin
"Isabella Lövin writes her political testament; simultaneously summarizes and problematizes a turbulent period in Swedish political history. The perspective is the whole where every detail, every decision, has a global environmental consequence. Lövin allows herself to be private without becoming emotional, clear and concise, she describes the conditions and inadequacies of politics"