Meet The Team

We have a group of hand selected people from all over the world helping out with this unique conference that takes place at Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, Sweden. Amongst these driven souls are:

Cornelius Pietzner

Cornelius serves on the board of the Karl König Institute, and has helped conceive this event, and is providing support in the overall structure of the conference.

Anders Kumlander
Chairman of the board

Anders is chairman of the board of Vidarstiftelsen, as well as several other boards, including Saltå Kvarn AB, Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna AB and Steneken Fastigheter AB. He has previously been Secretary General of the Anthroposophical Society in Sweden and Managing Director of Saltå Kvarn.

Peter de Voto
CEO of Kulturhuset

Peter has been Program Director at Kulturhuset in Ytterjärna since 1992.

An important part of Peter’s job is to take care of all the various artists who come. Every artist should feel at home in Kulturhuset as soon as they step inside the door.

Ingrid Schager
PR & Website

Ingrid has been working for Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna for several years helping them with PR, marketing, websites and events. She is responsible for the Inner Connections website as well as helping to organize the event on site.

Katarina Karlsson
Program & Speakers

Katharina is a social therapist working in the fields of arts, culture and education. For this conference she is partly responsible for the program including workshops, speakers and cultural events. As well as writing great articles.

Robin Tidblom
Workshops & Artists

Robin has implemented Under Tallarna in Järna, which is famous for their different types of cultural events and education about farming and food. He is is partly responsible for the program including workshops, speakers and cultural events.

Pauline Claise
Event coordinator on site

Pauline works for Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna as well as the local housings in form of the hotel and student homes. She will mainly be responsible for coordinating the event on site and making sure everything runs smoothly. She is for example allocating rooms for all the workshops that are best suited for their specific needs, amongst other things.

Pia Spörndly
Restaurant & Café

Pia works as head of the local Restaurant & Café. She will be in charge of making sure everyone gets their fika-pauses as well as lunches, dinners etc. Our restaurant only makes ecological and biodynamic food and sweets, and always strive to work with local producers. On top of that, the restaurant never fails to present great tasting meals and top it off with a comforting smile.

Ingrid M. Rieser

Ingrid M. Rieser works with communication in audio, film and writing, and is the host of the Forest of Thought podcast. In her podcast and work Ingrid is interested in exploring how we can open up possibilities for different modes of thinking and being in the world that allow us to live well together. She will take part in hosting the conference and panel discussions.