DISCUSSION TITLE: Implementing Diet for a green planet in the public sector – the success story of Södertälje municipality

Sara Seing f.d. Jervfors, dietary manager, developed an arena for sustainable produced local food in Södertälje municipality. By creating conditions, through cooperation with local actors, more producers can produce, grow, and sell their products to the municipality and inspire other municipalities to get involved in making more local and sustainably produced food a reality. Sara has with her leadership managed to use the school meals to develop local initiatives for more sustainably produced food and food systems and increase the importance of good and nutritious diet for children.

Sara Jervfors is head of nutrition in Södertälje municipality and has overall responsibility for all meal operations in Södertälje municipality. For over 10 years, she has developed and refined the diet in the municipality. With a burning commitment, she has succeeded in increasing the proportion of organic and locally produced food on the plate!

Foto: Pontus Orre

In the early 2000s, a decision was made in the municipality that the diet would be a tool for sustainable development. The municipality wanted to give children and young people good eating habits and make them conscious consumers. Today, the kitchens in Södertälje are KRAV-certified!

Every day, 24,000 portions are served to school children, the elderly and those in social care in the municipality. Today, the food is mostly prepared in the units’ own kitchens by trained staff instead of in the central kitchen, which was previously responsible for the main course. Sara has shown that organic food does not have to be more expensive than heated whole and semi-finished products that were previously served in the municipality.